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Exoskeleton lends a hand

17 August 2020

Exoskeleton lends a hand

Hilti has often highlighted the health and safety benefits that high-productivity equipment can give. The impact of Covid-19 is yet another reason for its adoption.

The manufacturer has partnered with Ottobock Industries, a specialist in exoskeletal systems, to develop ergonomic products to facilitate construction tasks.

First to be launched is the EXO-O1 wearable harness. The user puts their arms through it and any weight from an object they are holding is transferred to their hips via forearm supports and mechanical cables.

Overhead work

Walid Hussain, Head of Product Development at Hilti GB Ltd, tells me that “it’s ideal for overhead work such as drilling under concrete soffits or for fastening applications. The weight of the tool is distributed evenly over the user’s body.

“Covid-19 has made site managers rethink work processes. They need to achieve more from fewer workers while maintaining productivity, and this reduces the likelihood of people coming too close to each other.

“We’re also seeing a lot of interest in our dust control equipment and systems. If you automate the collection process at source, you don’t need to spend time sweeping up afterwards," he said.

One person can do the work of three

“In addition, our laser levels are in demand because one person can do the work of two or three when measuring or setting out positions.”

It’s often been said that every challenge creates hire opportunities, and we continue to see this during the coronavirus outbreak.


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