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10 reasons to be positive

22 June 2020

10 reasons to be positive

As we get set for another busy week, here are 10 reasons why I think the industry should take heart and stay positive:

1. History shows that a downturn can help the hire industry. Contractors with reduced capex available will see hire as a cost-effective means of procurement. (Incidentally, what ‘shape’ do you think the recovery will take: A V? An L? A 'swoosh'?)

2. New working practices to control the virus will bring new hire and sales opportunities. Think about products like hand sanitising products, wearable proximity detectors for site workers, infrared digital thermometers and social distancing signage.

3. Contractors wanting to reduce the number of workers on a site for social distancing purposes will increasingly hire mechanised solutions, such as excavator-mounted breakers and conveyors.

4. Health & Safety. Having fewer people on a site can reduce the risk of accidents. Another reason why contractors should hire the latest high work-rate equipment.

5. Going green. The reduction in pollution levels when traffic decreased during lockdown raised environmental awareness. More clients and contractors will seek technologically advanced green products, and hire is the cost-effective means of obtaining them.

6. Indeed, interest in the circular economy is increasing quickly. Hire epitomises this concept, allowing more people to use the same resource throughout its sustainable life.

7. PPE. Some used to see this as an add-on or an upsell. Now it’s a priority.

8. New technology. Manufacturers are busy developing products for the ‘new normal’. From cleaning agents, mobile wash stations, counter screens and gantries for restricted site access, let alone robotic and remote-controlled machinery, suppliers are investing in R&D. Keep in touch with them.

9. Open space. Lockdown made homeowners realise the psychological value of their green spaces. Many have made garden improvements while furloughed, which will need to be maintained, and they may plan future projects that will require hire machinery.

10. Hobbies. Many people have taken up or rediscovered interests like woodwork and DIY. They could become new - and loyal - hire customers.

So there are ten good reasons why hire should be well placed. Stay positive!

(Image by Alfredo García from Pixabay)


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