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Sales skills for 'goats'

11 June 2020

Sales skills for 'goats'

The government’s Job Retention Scheme currently pays 80% of an employee’s wages, up to £2,500 a month, if they can’t work because of the impact of the coronavirus.

However, from September, this assistance will begin to taper. Employers will have to pay 10% of salaries (including NI and pension contributions) rising to 20% in October. At the end of October the scheme will end.

This will be a jolt for many companies, and employees returning from furlough will need to hit the ground running to win new business. Also, firms whose customer bases have shrunk might question the number of people they now need, so some workers might find themselves needing to impress a prospective new employer.

Steve Reeve, whose previous experience includes having been National Sales Director for Andrews Sykes Hire, believes that furloughed (and perhaps non-furloughed) sales people would do well to maximise their techniques. His business, Sporting Difference, normally offers face-to-face tuition, but to overcome the restrictions of social distancing during lockdown he has this week launched an on-line training course covering nine essential sales principles.

“The companies that do well in the future will be those whose sales people can get started from day one and be on top of their game,” Steve told me. “I’ve taken inspiration from the world of sport where athletes analyse, train and practise constantly. It should be exactly the same with sales. People should always strive to be better and better at what they do.”

For details visit And you’ll also find out that the acronym ‘goat’ stands for trying to be the 'greatest of all time'.

(Image by Lukas from Pexels)


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