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Euro Towers on the up

8 June 2020

Euro Towers on the up

Euro Towers is just one of the many manufacturers that have successfully restarted production following the easing of lockdown restrictions.

MD Roger Verallo tells me that the aluminium tower maker stopped production at its Northampton factory until 11 May, when 12 out of 55 furloughed staff returned.

“Before then, my wife Sue and I had gone in each day, just to check everything was safe. The furlough scheme has been a real help for businesses: in some countries there has been no government help at all.

“I think construction could be among those industries that recover soonest. Unlike the 2008 recession, there is no shortage of houses to be built and projects to be completed. Sites are slowly re-opening. I took three orders in under an hour this morning, one from a roofing contractor who is busy working on social housing schemes, and two from hire companies.”

Roger is also Chairman of PASMA (Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ and Manufacturers’ Association) which has launched advice on maintaining tower safety while complying with coronavirus restrictions. The document, available at, addresses issues like how long the virus remains on aluminium, rescue procedures and how to avoid passing instruction manuals between workers.

PASMA recommends using one-person towers where practicable, which can be built and dismantled by individual workers.

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