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Carry on camping

4 June 2020

Carry on camping

Planned your summer holidays yet? No, neither have I, and the prospect currently seems unlikely given social distancing requirements and, for overseas travellers, the likelihood of 14 days' quarantine at either end.

However, some households have got things sorted, according to a recent newspaper report. They’re buying luxury four-berth camper vans complete with fitted kitchens, foldaway furniture, cruise control and a hefty price tag.

Their thinking is that, once restrictions on travel and overnight stays are lifted, the whole family can drive wherever and whenever they want to. Then they can effectively isolate themselves for as long as they like.

Of course, not everyone can afford these mobile mansions. However, hire companies that specialise in these mighty vehicles are, apparently, reporting a dramatic rise in enquiries, too. Is this a niche with mileage?

Have you added a new activity or product line to your business to meet unexpected demand? Do let me know.

(Photo by Jill Wellington from Pixabay)


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