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Urgent need for Hogs

3 June 2020

Urgent need for Hogs

You’ll doubtless recall that initial fears of a long-term pandemic led to panic buying and shortages of commodities like pasta, soap and, even, toilet rolls. Now that the lockdown is easing and sites are re-opening, demand for welfare facilities is creating similar supply pressures.

Genquip Groundhog welcomed back its 80-plus workforce to its Neath factory on 11 May and business is brisk according to Sales & Marketing Manager, Peter Beach.

“We are working flat out. Customers like utilities and highways contractors have needed to re-open quickly, and social distancing guidelines mean that even more welfare units are needed now. Instead of one meeting the needs of, say, six people, they may need two.”

Similar demand throughout industry generally has placed pressure on suppliers of sanitary ware, such as toilets, urinals and sinks. Genquip, however, expects no disruption as it has good stocks of fittings.

Peter says that short and medium term prospects are, therefore, very strong, but he believes the national media should be more positive in their outlook. “Obviously many industries and business are suffering, such as those involved in aviation, but our experience shows that many others are busy.

“For example, at the end of April, Highways England announced the winners in its Smart Motorways Alliance, worth upwards of £4.5bn, while power generation companies and other utilities are continuing to upgrade facilities. The media should be promoting this more.”

Genquip should also be applauded for producing a really excellent ‘Guide to Staff Procedures on Site’ booklet, both for its own personnel and for outside suppliers such as drivers. Attractively designed and easy to read, it gives comprehensive advice for keeping the workplace safe and risk-free.

How has your business been helping personnel in these troubled times? Do let me know.  

Urgent need for Hogs
Urgent need for Hogs


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